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Car Restoration Mod by WilliamMacau

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:19 pm    Post subject: Car Restoration Mod by WilliamMacau Reply with quote

CAR RESTORATION MOD by WilliamMacau Shocked


It always bothered me that so many GOOD car models where cut from the final release of the game...

So this is my answer to that. It's a basic mod made with the "CarAdderRemover062 Beta" tool.


Mazda Xedos 9
Volkswagen Beetle - the three variations of it.
"Big Foot" Monster Truck - both the normal and the USA Flag one.
Farm Tractor
Sidecar motorbike
Toyota RSC Concept Car
Thor 812 "Drag Racer"
Ford Thunderbird - I mean Ford, not Bolt - because it's the one with the badges and other rear lights.
German Panzer tank

Some models are SO UNFINISHED that just can't be added, or you end up with a broken game, that crashes at the carcyclopedia.

This is the case of the "Steamroller" valec.4ds.

But many of the models I have left out, because are just minor variations of the common cars, can't be driven or BOTH.

A More Coplete List of the Missing Cars

Mafia CarAdderRemoverBeta062
RHAM3 English
Mafia Text Editor
Paint Shop Pro 9

HELP IS ALWAYS WELCOME - If you are a modeller and you can do the following:
* Fix the broken collision maps
* Fix the car's lights
* Create the missing explosion models

Then feel free to post links to your files in this page.

PLEASE: Feel free to edit and imrove this mod. Or even use it as a base for your own mod.

I'm glad if it is useful to you - JUST PUT MY NAME IN THE CREDITS SECTION OF YOUR MOD Smile

NOTE: There's two versions of the mod inside the archive:
Version 1 is a basic one.

Version 2 is a more complex one, where all the explosion models are external,
so you can actually replace them, and more VW Beetle color variations as well.



by WilliamMacau Salute
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